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The aircraft they fly in exceed safety standards by more and more every year and meet the current regulations for passenger safety, third parties and civil liability.

Because we're air operators we're required to undergo monitoring by the Spanish national air safety board.

• IB Ballooning is an aviation company with more than 20 years of experience that is authorised by the civil aviation board for balloon flights with passengers, aerial advertising and aerial photography or cinematography.


With IB Adventure you can do any kind of adventure sport you want.
Routes in the Alps or Pyrenees and adventure travel.
After flying in the Majorca balloon we'll put you in touch with one of the collaborating companies so you can get a taste of everything.

Guides with degrees and expert pilots:
Trekking, MTB, Trekking, rock climbing, canyoning, zip-line, jumping, Nordic walking, outings in the Tramuntana mountains, ultralight flights, autogyro, paramotor, hang gliding, helicopter, speed boat and sail boat sea excursions.



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• Balearic Islands Ballooning (IB Ballooning) was created in 2006 after 15 years of experience flying over Majorca to provide a more exclusive high quality product. The first step is to keep working all year round to break away from seasonal limitations, and to maximise the potential of aerial advertising.

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Our Team

• Jordi Aracil Romero, the Operations Manager and Flight Chief, has logged more than 2,000 flight hours. Other collaborating pilots are: Julio Alou (Karakorum), Carles Figueras (Kontiki), Jordi Rodriguez (Ultramagic) and Frank Holthöfer (FH Ballonfahrten).
It's a young team with expertise who has represented Spain in several competitions throughout Europe and the rest of the world, so you can participate in the best air sport.


• To achieve that goal our aeronautic engineer, Mr. Josep Maria Lladó Costa, a balloon designer and one of the best pilots in the world, periodically inspects all the equipment by doing stress tests on the sails, checking the burner and butane tank and doing quality control on the baskets, which still look new despite having been used for many years, because for us your safety comes first.


• Because of advertising overload and the scarce differences between products and prices, you need something different. Run of the mill ground advertising gets lost in the shuffle because there's so much of it, but this is different, it's in the sky.
This advertising medium will enhance your corporate brand image and put you above the competition.
It doesn't have the high costs associated with TV, print and radio campaigns. It reaches an audience segment spanning all ages; children, young people and adults. It improves public relations and human resources with prizes for customers and employees.

With a balloon you can be sure your brand won't be forgotten.
It's initially it's a long term sponsorship item, but a balloon is versatile and can become a medium term campaign or a short term promotion. A balloon is mobile and can travel to the place where the promotion is.
It makes an impression that's hard to forget for whoever sees it. Your brand is remembered the first time it's seen and then someone takes a picture! And on top of that, balloons are environmentally friendly.

A large number of companies have already shown confidence in this advertising medium and have gotten excellent results.
Mobafincas, Grupo Gabelli, Bolero-Angels, Hotel Blau Porto Petro, Seguros Bilbao, Café Noah’s, Hotel L’illot, Iscomar,
Construcciones Miquel Riera, Capdepera City Council, Pinturas Fajardo, Tecnologies Electriques Gabellines, Ramon de ses cuines, Assesoria RBF, Pizzeria Al Capone, Es Coll Restaurant, etc.

“Put your company's name above the rest”

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